660Busplus™ Transit Bus Driver Training Simulator

  • High Resolution Visual System / Four (4) 55″ High Definition LED Displays
  • Advanced curriculum of pre-loaded bus and para-transit scenarios
  • Newly updated, True-to-life, seamless Virtual World driving environment
  • Microsoft Windows™ based Scenario Developer fosters easy modification of existing scenarios and creation of new scenarios
  • Cost effective, linkable, and expandable to accommodate a greater number of trainees
  • Scenario Developer can also be used to recreate agency collisions for remedial and regular training
  • Industry leading update and refresh rate to provide superior image quality

Doron’s 660Busplus is the most advanced transit bus driving simulator available today. The 660Bus includes a simulated transit bus driving compartment with all essential components found in late model transit buses including air brakes. This transit bus driving simulator is equipped with Doron’s exclusive TrueSteer™ digital servo force feedback steering to give transit bus operators the feel of the road during training. The 660Busplus simulator is customizable, upgradeable and modular to accommodate training on various transit vehicles. The 660Busplus has proven to be an efficient and cost effective transit bus driving simulator for the transit industry. The simulator system includes an updated scenario library to support specific training objectives including CDL training exercises.