Support Services

Technical & Maintenance

Ready Access

Technical support to customers is always available via telephone, fax or email. A modem interface feature integrated with a significant number of our interactive systems enables certain software-related diagnostic and maintenance services. To support its customers, Doron has since 1973 maintained a full-time professional staff of factory trained technicians responsible for installation and maintenance of all Doron manufactured systems.

On-site Support

There is no charge for necessary on-site support during the warranty/ service period and any following period covered by a service agreement. Our service personnel are located in close congruence with customer sites to provide high quality, cost-effective service.


All service technicians are employees trained by Doron and possess a background in computer systems and digital and analog electronics as also the necessary mechanical maintenance skills and capabilities for servicing these systems. Members of service and technical support departments have, on an average, more than 20 years of experience with our driving and entertainment simulators. Doron’s field service technicians receive recurring training necessary to keep pace with changing technology.

Spares Inventory

In addition to the extensive inventory of spares maintained at our facility in Binghamton, New York, each service technician also maintains a stock of selected parts.


To ensure minimal downtime, Doron will, at the time of installation, brief appropriate designated purchaser personnel in performance of basic checks and in some cases, specific system adjustments.

Training Services – Driving Systems


Our driver training specialists have combined experience of over 100 years in teaching driver education and traffic safety. Doron’s training team includes professionals with advanced degrees in traffic safety and extensive experience in training new and experienced drivers of automobiles, buses, trucks and emergency vehicles. Our law enforcement training specialists are certified by California POST.

Comprehensive Training Program

Our training program covers all aspects of the operation of the system and its features. This includes training in the effective use of simulation and Doron’s simulation curriculum in driver education/ training programs. Doron makes it easy for customers to customize training programs and thus make optimal use of the system. Our trainers work closely with customers to demonstrate the same using the Scenario Developer™ with our interactive systems and bar coding with semi-interactive systems.

On-site Training

Doron’s training is essentially on-site, on the system that instructors would be using and is tailored to meet specific training requirements of the customer.

Supporting Documentation

A comprehensive user’s guide is made available with each simulator system. With details on each function and feature of the system, it serves as a convenient reference for customers’ instructors.


Interactive Scenarios & Semi-Interactive Programs

Throughout its over 40 year history, Doron has taken the approach of carefully analyzing the training needs and Specific Training Objectives (STO) of its customers to obtain optimum training quality and efficiency, at the lowest cost. The result of this experience is an extensive library of audiovisual software titles and computer generated scenarios available for use with our semi-interactive and interactive simulator systems, to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective training program available for mastering safe driving skills.

Interactive System Training Scenario Packages

Doron’s interactive driving simulator systems includes a virtual world environment in which simulator users drive. Doron’s virtual world is a seamless environment and includes a variety of urban, suburban, rural, industrial, and interstate driving areas. These areas are interconnected (just as in the real world) enabling drivers to travel anywhere without reloading a new environment.

Doron has libraries of scenarios developed by traffic safety experts to meet your Specific Training Objectives (STO) while reducing training costs and time, and increasing training effectiveness and quality.

Available Interactive Scenario Packages:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Transit Bus
  • Fire/EMS
  • Truck
  • Defensive Driving
  • Operator Performance Assessment
  • School Bus
  • Garbage Truck
  • Snowplow


All interactive simulator systems are available with the optional SkillTrak™ feature that provides a cost-effective, standardized method for evaluating both new and experienced driver reaction skills. SkillTrak is proprietary and no additional hardware or software is required.

Scenario Developer™

Doron has an optional Scenario Developer ™ available for use as a powerful tool enabling driving simulator instructors to easily and quickly create unique training scenarios, or modify existing ones, without extensive training or special computer skills being required.

Semi-Interactive Program Library

Doron’s Semi-interactive program library is developed and produced with the guidance of Doron’s Curriculum Advisory Committee, which includes nationally recognized traffic safety experts. It strongly supports the “American Driver and Traffic safety Education Association (ADTSEA) “Minimum Standards for in Car Performance”.

The library for the Novice Driver consists of 30 titles and is available in DVD format with undistorted, wide-screen projected images and real, full time rear view and side view mirror images – providing for proper training in continuous scanning techniques. A comprehensive library of training program packages is available to meet the Specific Training Objectives for experienced drivers, various vehicles, and other markets. Contact Doron for a complete program list and with descriptions.

Semi-Interactive Program Packages:

  • Car/Van
  • Driver Analyzer
  • Transit Bus
  • Truck/Heavy Goods Vehicle
  • Assessment Program

Driver Analyzer

The DRIVER ANALYZER provides the means for teaching, clearly defining, and measuring the three factors which comprise TOTAL STOPPING DISTANCE: (1) Threat Recognition Distance (sometimes referred to as Perception Distance); (2) Reaction Distance (sometimes referred to as Reaction Time); and (3) Braking Distance. It also allows operators to further develop more complex cognitive and perceptual skills.

Bar Coding System

This feature allows instructors to instantly access any scenario or any frame on a disc. Doron’s DVD program guides include predetermined bar codes to access each scenario.

Closed Caption Decoder

Doron programs are encoded with closed captioning. When activated, the closed caption decoder displays, in text form, the narrative of the program.