Company History


The Early Years

The original company, Doron Electronics, Inc., was founded in 1970 by Mr. Carl J. Wenzinger and Mr. Carl E. Hedges, as a manufacturer’s representative company specializing in educational electronic systems, including education television systems, language laboratories and film based driving simulation systems.

Mr. Wenzinger brought to the company extensive engineering, marketing and general management experience, complimented by Mr. Hedges’ engineering, manufacturing and quality control experience.

Doron Precision Systems, Inc. acquired the driving simulation systems business from the Singer Company.


The 1970's

Doron Precision Systems became the first company to develop and produce complete driving simulation systems, including hardware, computer software and audiovisual software with driving scenarios supporting specific training objectives.

Truck, commercial bus, school bus and international model driving simulation systems were developed with supporting training/testing software in various languages.

Doron introduced the first capsule type entertainment simulator in 1977, the SR2. Development was initiated on a library of programs including audiovisual components and synchronized motion programs.



The 1980's

Doron continued major development, resulting in its second generation entertainment simulators, motion systems and a prototype of the Vehicle Maneuvering Trainer (VMT) in 1989.

Doron developed and introduced dozens of new audiovisual programs, supporting and expanding both driving simulation and entertainment simulator product lines.



The 1990's

The early 1990’s marked a period of major development projects. This resulted in two patents and announcing the installation of the first interactive VMTs for training truck drivers, the Driver Analyzer for training and evaluating a driver’s perception, systems for Rehabilitation and Assessment and the 1994 introduction of the interactive VMT transit bus.

The mid 1990’s brought the introduction of the interactive, CGI based AMOS driving simulation system, the Transport 6™ entertainment simulator and the 1999 introduction of Doron’s AMOS II™ second generation CGI based interactive driving simulator.

The AMOS and AMOS II were the first systems to receive approval of the California Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training (CA POST).

Both approvals included certification of a library of scenarios as an integral part of the system.




Doron continued its significant investment in new products with the development and introduction of the 400 series, 425 series 450 series and 460 series of driving simulator systems.

Doron developed a number of technology upgrades and visual system conversions for its older systems. These upgrades and conversions add many years to the life of systems and saved customers from to replace entire systems.



2010 and Beyond

Today, Doron continues its industry leadership through continued investment in new systems, features and product enhancement designed to meet the customer’s specific training objectives.

All new systems, features and enhancement incorporate a balance of appropriate technology with sound curriculum. This philosophy, which Doron proved successful in its first 40 years, will drive our success for the future.