November 2017

Doron Precision Systems, Inc. announced that it has been selected to provide truck driving simulators to the United States Army Reserve (“USAR”). The simulators will be delivered to numerous locations both CONUS and OCONUS USAR sites. Doron’s 660Truckplus™ is an interactive driving simulator system designed to provide a dynamic and immersive training environment for a wide variety of commercial and military truck driving applications. The 660Truckplus™ trains drivers for the most commonly used vehicles by the USAR such as the M915 tractor-trailer, M970-7.5k & M9784A-5k POL units, 80 passenger bus, and the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (“JLTV”). The simulator provides leaders and soldiers’ opportunities to maintain driver proficiency in the absence of access to “live” truck exercises. The 660Truckplus™ has been designed to serve as a bridging gap at the Army Reserves Transportation Company level at a cost avoidance, lower collision rates, fuel efficiency, and improved safety, with the benefit of maintaining Unit readiness.

Doron will begin delivery of the simulators in late 2017 and will provide installation, training and maintenance support through 2023. Doron maintains a professional staff of technicians located throughout the United States to support its large customer base.

Michael Stricek, Doron’s Senior Vice President said “Our team is very excited to provide its proven and cost-effective training solution to the United States Army Reserve. The 660Truckplus™ adds an entirely new dimension to the USAR truck driver training program providing a powerful training tool that will ultimately produce a smarter and safer Soldier.”

Doron has over 44 years of experience in the simulation industry and has provided thousands of driving simulator systems to educational, military and commercial customers throughout the world. Customers report lower training and liability costs resulting from shorter training times, lower collision rates and improved safety when using Doron simulation systems.