550Busplus™ – Transit Bus Driver Training Simulator

  • High Resolution Visual System / Seven Real-Time Video Channels
  • True-to-life, seamless “Virtual World” driving environment
  • Complete curriculum of bus scenarios
  • Microsoft Windows™ based Scenario Developer™ allows easy modification of existing scenarios and creation of new scenarios
  • Scenario Developer can also be used to recreate agency collisions for remedial and regular training
  • Customizable, upgradeable, and networked. Link and communicate to multiple units
  • Multiple – malfunction capabilities, selectable drivable vehicles, and placeable objects.
  • Industry leading update and refresh rate to provide superior image quality.

Doron’s 550Busplus is an interactive driving simulator designed to provide a dynamic training environment for a wide variety of transit applications. Each 550Busplus is a single operator unit that allows the driver to interact with computer-generated vehicles in a realistic environment. Multiple 550Busplus units can be linked to create real-time scenarios enabling the development of team-based skills and for teaching important policy considerations. Our customers report lower training costs, lower washout rates, reduced collision rates and improved safety.

The 550Busplus builds on the previous 550Bus by providing a 225◦ field of view with three (3) 55” inch display panels, minimizing seam distraction and visual interruption. The 550Busplus provides the widest field of view of any three monitor simulator available in the industry.

Additional Features: Optimum vehicle perspective, Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround Sound, 1024×786 Resolution, facilitates complete and realistic intersection shoulder checks, coolflow ventilation system, cutting edge design lines, only two (2) 1.0” seams between display panels and new dynamic virtual world graphics.