Mission & Philosophy


To provide customers with complete simulation systems for the best value possible. Our systems must either substantially reduce our customers’ operating costs or have a significant effect in increasing their profits.


Doron’s philosophy is to conduct its business on the basis of honesty, integrity and fairness. This philosophy is proven successful by thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world. The company bases its engineering, manufacturing, service and salesmanship on the principle of providing the best value possible to all of its customers. Value means:

  • Sound engineering design utilizing the most appropriate technology
  • Superior workmanship
  • Software quality
  • System reliability
  • Prompt customer service
  • At fair and reasonable costs to the customer

The company utilizes a “total system concept” as a cornerstone of its philosophy. A Doron simulation system is defined by Doron as a set of components, including hardware, computer software, audiovisual software, installation, training and support services functioning together for the defined outcome: customer satisfaction.