Travel in a US Army Stryker vehicle as they engage in an urban assault mission, join a high school class as they engage in a simulated, interactive, underwater exploration of Lake Ontario in the (BUBL™), or hop on and take an exciting 3-D ride on a Sea-Doo jet ski without ever getting your feet wet.

Doron excels in providing custom and innovative solutions. Their unsurpassed skill, execution, and core competencies have evolved through more than 38 years experience. Doron is the world leader in providing full-service custom solutions that provide the flexibility for a seamless integration from concept through development. Creative expertise, engineering, and fabrication capabilities are combined to create a cost-effective product that that is able to fulfill your custom requirements and surpass your expectations.

If you require non-standard solutions for your unique applications contact us.

Custom Mobile Units

Doron is fully capable of designing custom mobile units to best house your simulator and maximize throughput. Contact us and let Doron work with you to create a design that accommodates your unique application.

Promotional Applications

Doron uses the power of excitement to create high-impact, engaging brand experiences at live events. Doron has extensive experience working in conjunction with Event Marketers and can adapt its entertainment simulators to the theme of your exhibit or attractions, helping you maximize brand recall.

Through our extraordinary access to the world of custom entertainment, we are able to offer customized services that help companies build their business.

Our turnkey programs deliver measurable results with minimal length rental commitments. Contact us to learn how we can help achieve your promotional requirements.

Entertainment Programs

For over 30 years, Doron has demonstrated its commitment to its customers by continually adding new live-action and computer graphic imagery based programs. Doron’s growing library features a variety of thrilling and educational experiences designed to bring your visitors back again and again. The Doron library of programs is one of the largest in the industry.

Our team of imaginative and creative professionals has produced many of these programs. Doron has also worked with its customers to create dozens of customers’ experiences for their unique applications. We offer many programs from third party producers, licensing only quality programs. Furthermore, Doron’s engineers continually improve the sight, sound, and feel of every program.

4D Active Theaters

Doron’s Active Theater™ Series combines proven and reliable Motion System Technology, Big-Screen Projection and Big Theater Sound. As a complete system manufacturer, Doron designs and integrates these elements into a truly thrilling experience providing large audiences with the BEST in Entertainment Simulation. Grouping Doron’s Motion Systems allows seating capacity to any level from six to over 100 seats. Doron will create an Active Theater that is the right size to meet your space and capacity needs.