Concrete Mixer Truck Driving Simulator

Doron’s Concrete Truck simulators are the ideal training devices for all of today’s Ready Mixed producers.


  • High Resolution Visual System / Four (4) 55″ High Definition LED Displays
  • Newly Updated, True-to-life seamless “Virtual World” driving environment with animated weather and pedestrians
  • Advanced curriculum of On-The-Road scenarios for Heavy Goods Vehicles, Trucks & Tractor Trailers
  • Practice CDL and other maneuvers on the Virtual World Driving Range
  • Microsoft Windows™ based Scenario Developer allows easy creation of new scenarios


  • High Resolution Visual System / Seven Real-Time Video Channels
  • True-to-life, seamless “Virtual World” driving environment
  • Complete curriculum of CDL scenarios
  • Microsoft Windows™ based Scenario Developer™ allows easy modification of existing scenarios and creation of new scenarios
  • Scenario Developer can also be used to recreate collisions for remedial and regular training