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Novice Driver Simulator Systems


Novice Training Driving Simulator Systems 400 Series


The 400 Series features a true-to-life automobile dash with speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges. It is proven effective in developing perceptual/cognitive skills, scanning techniques, mirror usage, critical cue recognition, decision making skills and crash avoidance strategies. The Driver Analyzer feature has been proven effective in demonstrating the effects of speed, road surface conditions (dry, wet, snow, ice) and alcohol on stopping distances and complex driving situations.


Novice Training Driving Simulator Systems 400 Series


The 400 series is multiple position system that is expandable up to 24 cabs which creates a high trainee/instructor ratio. It provides superior hands-on training/assessment while achieving Specific Training Objectives (STO). The energy-efficient 400 Series requires only a single 20 amp 120V circuit.


Novice Training Driving Simulator Systems 400 Series

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